Limos vs Party Buses

Stuck on deciding between hiring a party bus or ordering a limo? In the organising of a large special event this can be one of, if not the most important decisions in shaping how the night goes, so it is imperative that you get this right. For a larger crowd a party bus seems to be the logical way to go with their larger capacity, however the size of the limo must not be overlooked, not to mention the prestige that comes with arriving on the scene in the class that a limo provides. The limo also provides exquisite quality for the passengers being escorted, often providing high quality sound systems and tasteful liquors to add to the unparalleled comfort to the experience.

Party buses have their own niches in which to be used though. If an event involves just too many people to escort in one limo, a party bus will comfortably hold all the guests without the expense of having to hire a second limo. The service also provides a quality experience for the consumers, with high quality sound systems and a bar to provide drinks. Whilst not holding the same level of infamous prestige associated with limo services, the level of class is still high tier and is perfect for more relaxed events involving a larger amount of people, at a cheaper price.

If you are planning an event for the near future and are stuck on the transport arrangements, both limos and party buses should definitely be in your considerations. Much more affordable than you may think, the prestige one may bring into arriving to your event will certainly set the tone for a night to remember.

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